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Creativity is a journey

Who are we..

The journey of a pilgrim is the main idea around our Hub. Where is our final destination? We believe that it is not possible to foresee, in contrast we focus on the journey; every move we make and every decision we take pushes us a step forward and adds a new piece to the greater puzzle. Our main goal is to create a space where everyone will feel welcome and safe without any pressure.

Pilgrim Maker’s Hub aims to create a community of makers as well as people who love learning, sharing and communicating with others in a cozy environment.

Having ceramic lessons as our starting point, we focus on the expression of creativity and the constant search for new techniques. In our studio we host workshops of different kinds of arts in order to create a space for the exchange of ideas and the development/evolution of our artistic identity.

Our team

Ioli Katsarou

Founder & Artist